Thousands Gather in Solidarity For Lolita, the Last Remaining Southern Resident Killer Whale in Captivity

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Today has been a day of solidarity around the world for Lolita, the last remaining captive Southern Resident Killer Whale in captivity.  


The morning started with an appearance from Orca Network's Howard Garrett with Lester Holt on The Today Show.


video: Underdog Entertainment/YouTube


This morning, approximately 1,000 people joined together from around the world to hear speaches by event organizer Robin Jewel, Howard Garrett, Naomi Rose, Zach Affolter, Robbyne Kamil and Jane Velez-Mitchell.


Jane Velez-Mitchell, "As far as I'm concerned, all of Miami Seaquarium is a crime scene."



Howard Garrett discusses Lolita's Retirement Plan.


Following the gathering, advocates walked two by two down the sidewalk to the park.


Photo by Christina Estrada


Among others who joined the March were celebrities Shannen Doherty and Holly Marie Combs.


                                Photo by Madeline Peon-Barron


Meanwhile, across the country in Lolita's home state, approximately 150 others gathered in solidarity at Alki Statue of Liberty Plaza in West Seattle.  


Photo by Vickie Doyle


Photo by Vickie Doyle


Both events were covered by local media.  The Miami Herald reported from Miami and West Seattle Blog reported from Seattle.  Other events were planned in San Diego, Los Angeles, Colorado Springs, Germany and the UK.


The day can be summed up perfectly by the following poem by Joey Racano:


Thousands Rise for Freedom


'Freedom, let your sweet bell ring

Orcas haven't done a thing

Only fools would want to cage

The greatest predator of our age'


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