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Death at SeaWorld Paperback Release Kicks Off the Summer of the Killer Whale

The 2010 death of Dawn Brancheau at SeaWorld Orlando shook thousands, leaving many to question why such a highly intelligent animal would do such a horrific act. David Kirby dove head first into the questions that lingered, and the result is the informative, thrilling book, Death at SeaWorld.


Death at SeaWorld delves deep into the beginning of the captive whale industry and chronicles the behind-the-scenes reality of these animals in order to understand what might lead them to kill. Former SeaWorld trainers share their stories and observations, leading them to have their own doubts about captivity. To compare their stories to killer whales in the wild, Kirby shares input from Dr. Naomi Rose, leading marine mammal expert with Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

Death at SeaWorld was first released in hardback in July 2012 to rave reviews. The paperback is set to release on July 2, one week from today. The paperback includes an updated look including a quote from The Wall Street Journal and a promo “splash” for the highly anticipated documentary, Blackfish, on the cover. There are also rave reviews and three pages of blurbs inside. Look for Death at SeaWorld on New Release tables in your local bookstores. Let’s put it on the Best Seller shelves as well!

If you have already read Death at SeaWorld, please consider purchasing a paperback to donate to your local library or school. Most of those who visit marine parks just don’t know any better. Awareness and education are key, and it is our jobs to spread the word.

You can find Death at SeaWorld on Amazon or Barnes and Noble

David has continued to document stories of killer whales issues in the past year on TakePart. A list of these stories, as well as links to other advocacy websites, can be found here.

He would like to thank you all for your continued enthusiasm and support, and he hopes we can make this the “summer of the killer whale”.

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