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Orion & Letty's Visit to Ocean Land

When I wrote Orion & The Orcas, a sequel was never considered. There wasn’t even a thought of a plot line. The book I wrote was a fantasy story of the love and friendship developed between an 8-year-old girl, Orion, and the pod’s baby Orca, Letty. She is saved by the pod after an accident at sea, is magically able to speak to Letty, and spends about two weeks with them. It is a testament of love between species, and an acknowledgement of the social, intelligent, and loving natures of Orcas.

Orion & The Orcas can be purchased here:

Then a remarkable thing happened. I discovered groups like TDAG, WOW, Empty the Tanks, Voices, and Tilikum & Co. on Facebook. The idea of groups of people united to end the captivity, hunting, and slaughter of Orcas and Dolphins was exhilarating. I joined these groups, read the posts, the articles, and did my own research.

After a couple of years, I started writing my own posts, and stating my own views. It was wonderful getting a “like” on Facebook from other members. It made me feel a part of these communities that wanted freedom for Orcas and Dolphins. It took over 3 years, but then the idea of a sequel started to be born. I began writing about a day that Orion and Letty see each other again, and what happens to both of them when they come upon the fictional Marine Park: Ocean Land.

It has taken a year of hard work, but I have done something different, unique, and new. There is now an Anti-Captivity Book for children called Orion & Letty’s Visit to Ocean Land. It has a simple yet strong message of how insensitive and inhumane it is to have Orcas and Dolphins kept in Marine Parks. It’s target audience is pre-school to the second grade. I don’t know if my generation will see the end of captivity in Marine Parks, but I do believe in the next. If children are taught from a young age that captivity isn’t right, then they will not want to go to any place that keeps Orcas and Dolphins in goldfish bowls.

Orion & Letty's Visit to Ocean Land can be purchased here:

The sequel that was never supposed to be is here, and I hope you will help me get this book to as many children as possible. I appreciate the love and support from all of you.


Debbie Bailey

Debbie is an Author and Poet from San Diego, CA. She is committed to entertaining and educating our children about these highly intelligent and loving mammals. Debbie's poem "Tilikum's Song" is also included in her book. She hopes both will inspire youngsters and adults alike to revisit their opinions about marine parks.

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