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Massive Manatee Rescue in Satellite Beach

Photo credit: WKMG-TV

Last night, officials from Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC), SeaWorld Orlando and Satellite Beach Fire Department rescued 19 manatees from a storm drain in Satellite Beach. Workers spent nearly 10 hours retrieving the animals from the drain and returning them to the Indian River Lagoon system.

Residents reported that several manatees they had been watching for the past few days had been missing. City workers discovered the manatees in the pipe.

The manatees were thought to have gone into the drain to seek warmer waters in the canals off the Indian River Lagoon. FWC officials believe they followed each other into the pipe.

All 19 manatees were successfully released, including a mother and calf. In spite of a few cuts and scrapes they all appeared to be in good health.

Click Orlando provided livestream of the entire event. Read more here.

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